The mission of “HINSA.ART” Foundation is to encourage and help visual artists and enable them to create by providing them secondary income. We offer tools and a platform to promote our artist’s artworks. The foundation supports art projects, generating funds by donations and selling limited edition artisan gifts.

Help!i need some art. = HINSA.

I love visual arts, but I felt, buying a picture once in a while is not a real help for the artists.  I kept developing the idea. Discussed it with artists and friends. Then the lockdown inspired me to start this support concept, as it was high time to turn and idea into a working concept. Help us create a win-win-win solution helping talents in hard times.

Anna Najdenova

Our incredible team of international artists, curators, business professionals from all over Europe are passionate about art and helping artists succeed in their careers.

To be a successful artist, one must acquire multiple valuable skills. Technological progress offers us endless options for awareness and self-learning. Here we’ve selected a range of learning materials, tips and events to help you on your path to success as an artist. Even if that means defining what success means to you. Our hope and intention are to transform this space into a library for self-improvement in the arts and a sharing community for all creators, including non-professionals. We are performing a quality check but as we are not affiliated with the events and organizations listed below, please do your due diligence as well. Enjoy.

The HINSA.ART charity launched in 2021 with a limited number of European artists, hand-selected by our curators. Expanding gradually over time, we will introduce one new artist every week of the year to ensure each new artist receives the attention they deserve.


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