Our incredible team of international artists, curators, business professionals from all over Europe are passionate about art and helping artists succeed in their careers.

Anna Najdenova

Founder and CEO

Anna is a Bulgarian living in Hungary with 25 years of international business experience. Pragmatic creativity is her driver in life. She believes that only with good teamwork, we can successfully reach our goals, navigating through crisis times with passion and faith.

Elitsa Baramó

Art Director

Bulgarian designer and painter with professional experience since 1995, holder of a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the National Academy of Fine Arts – Sofia, Bulgaria, member of the UBA.

Anna-Maria Molnár

Curator for Hungary

Founder and director of the Molnár Ani Gallery.

Member of the F.E.A.G.A.’s first Eastern European board.

Attila Glazer

Attila Glazer

Co-Creation Director

Attila is a creative mind – besides being an art photographer, he also writes poems and tries to link art from different kinds. Attila leads our artist co-operation community and intends to innovate and bring people together.

Samantha Willson

Curator for Portugal

Samantha is a multimedia visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. Originally from Scotland, she has worked and lived between the UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, India and Africa.

Adrienn Földi

Finance Head 

Adrienn is Hungarian, holds a Master in Economics with 25 years of international finance experience.

Diana Draganova-Stier

Curator for Bulgaria

Curator and expert of contemporary arts and applied arts at the National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Gergana Petrova

Managing Director

Born in Bulgaria, she graduated Economics in Budapest. Gergana lives and works as a media expert in Bulgaria. She is the head of the curator’s body of the charity foundation.

Christo Petrov

Supply Chain Operation Lead

Christo studied in Hungary and is now working in Bulgaria. A multipreneur and media expert.

Linda Kajli Bettencourt

Lead of The Portugese Operation

Hungarian living in Madeira, ex-lawyer, who works as an entrepreneur in the service sector.

Áron Hász

Audio-Video expert

Born in Serbia, Hungarian, freshly graduated from the Metropolitan University in Budapest with majors in motion picture and media. His focus areas are screenwriting and direction.

László Várady

IT Expert

Hungarian, born in Serbia, with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and over 25 years of programming and big data management experience.