“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”

Leo Tolstoy

This is a leading message in the mission statement of pigcasso.org, an organization presenting collaborative artworks of Pigcasso and Joanne Lefson. Pigcasso is a pig by the way – as the name suggests – a painter pig.

This is one of the many creative projects of the South African Zoologist, Golfer, and Journalist.

Pigs are smart and able to create art

In 2016, Joan selected a pig, knowing that pigs are smart. This one seemed creative enough to become one of the greatest Abstract Expressionists in the World. Pigcasso ate or destroyed everything at Farm Sanctuary SA – but the paintbrushes, left in her stall! With some positive reinforcement from Lefson, Pigcasso began to paint as we see it now. The process is a collaboration between humans and pigs. Joanne selects the colors; Pigcasso takes the brush in her mouth and moves it mindfully across the canvas. Every original is signed with Pigcasso’s nose-tip.

These artworks aim to drive awareness about animal agriculture and its effects on farmed animals and the environment. Animal welfare is one of the most important challenges these days is a key challenge of modern food production. The artworks, created by Pigcasso are a tool to support the mission, in the same way as ours.

I spent 2 days in Amsterdam and by coincidence saw the Oink! art gallery.

Life is full of parallels

I was truly interested in the topic because I have civil work in a pork meat company, which helps me finance HINSA.  Seems a bit of the opposite situation – where pork meat production supports arts. My employer and the whole team are dedicated to animal welfare, which we outline in our initiative “Honest Food”, but we still kill pigs, to prepare delicious hams.

Before this job, I have been working for more than 10 years in the plant-based food business, creating innovations also in the plant-based milk replacements segment.

HINSA. is a Covid baby

During the Covid time, I started HINSA. While being unemployed, I had finally the time to start it up.  I am committed to the idea that we all must find ways to make money by supporting good causes. But all good causes need money. So sometimes we must make a compromise, so I took the job in the meat industry, and spend now all my free time and free money on HINSA.

I was amazed by a great concept and the perfect creative marketing tool, where art and business are going hand in hand to drive awareness. Of course, a donation is always an option, but only a few want to donate just for the good feeling. Much better to have a picture, put it on the wall and make a statement every time someone sees the artwork.

Well done to Joanne Lefson and the Team, behind the concept.

I hope HINSA. will bring one day such inspiration to others as we take art from the walls and put it into real life to be with us. Help us turn art into something natural by supporting our cause.