…feelings born by a picture

by Katalin Csillag

Malta Boat Show (90×60) by Caroline Navarro

Summer & Fine Arts

Finally summer is here, the sun is shining and people are rushing out to beaches, gardens, outdoors restaurants to enjoy the good weather. These weeks we hardly ever think about going to museums or plan any indoor programs, nevertheless we might still feel the need to enjoy fine arts, see some nice paintings.

“Malta Boat Show”

When I saw the Mediterranean paintings by Caroline Navarro of the blue sky, the colorful boats, and their reflections on the water, I thought if only I could be there in that perfect moment! Now I am planning my own vacation for this summer, and very much hope that it will look like one of these paintings, this is my inspiration. I hope for the sun to be that bright, the yachts and the buildings to be that happy and the water to be that tempting for a cooling swim.

I would also love to have a souvenir of that perfect time near me every day. Like a postcard of the painting that recalls that holiday scene. Or a bag that has this capture on it to carry with me anywhere. Even a nice poster would enlighten my living room. When you look at such a painting, you feel calm, knowing that perfect moments do exist and they will happen again, you just need to look for them.

Relax in a Museum

And you can also look for art during your vacation. If you feel like you need a short break from the burning sun, you can feed your hunger for fine arts in famous museums close to beaches. For example, In Barcelona, there is MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art) only 15 minutes from the seashore, or in Italy, you can visit the Uffizi Galleries 1,5 hours from the Tuscany beach.  So do not worry, summer & fine arts can walk hand in hand, enjoy your holiday!

About Caroline:

Caroline Navarro is an acclaimed artist exhibiting worldwide. Her origins are from Guernsey in the Channel Islands but brought up in Malta, and her life by or at sea marks her characteristic style of expression. Her vibrant acrylic paintings often represent days in harbors & ports or catching the enthusiasm of regatta.

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