Visual art has always had the opportunity to be international due to its universally understandable language. Paris, Berlin, New York, Rome, and other art centres attracted art creators and lovers from all over the world. Leaving your country and going abroad is a challenge. For the artists even more, as they will miss a stable financial background. It gives and takes a lot, changing one’s style forever. Being an insider and outsider puts you in a unique place to get inspired. Tolerance makes you free as a creator. All the believes brought from home must be revisited, and only the strong ones survive. All the new impacts also must fight for being accepted. The soul is in a state of reshaping and great artwork is born in this ocean of emotions.

Thousand of art creators and buyers meet online

Today with art being massively available online, all borders are open to exploring marketplaces, sales platforms, online galleries. As an artist, this offers huge opportunities. At the same time, one has to fight for recognition, acceptance and fame within a competitive set 100 times bigger than before. Saatchi Artworks globally with 60.000 artists. They offer a selection of 100! emerging artist. Artsy works with 100.000 creators. So, imagine the offering from both sides. And not to speak about the social media platforms, which are a great place for art sellers and buyers. Pinterest Number 1 employee just launched an NFT marketplace, called Makersplace

Even Messi has an online NFT collection platform. Society 6 offers 300.000 artists a place to create and make money from design work. The examples are endless.

Borders are an administrative burthen

The only real border for artists today is the political power of states making rules for living long term in a country. While one can post and sell online regardless of the country of origin, going physically to another country and living and working there stays as difficult for many. Within the EU of course it is easier, but still not without challenge. Mixing two cultures gives a huge advantage though to become a strong international player in arts. Bringing home values and mixing them with the new cultural experience opens doors and minds. An Artist gets out of the comfort zone, which is one of the best drivers for creativity.

HINSA. loves mixes background creators

HINSA. also started as a 3 country based co-operation platform and so we have a branch of artists, who have made this physical step. For example, Samantha Wilson, born Scottish lives in Portugal in a multicultural family and her works have this flavour of 3 cultures. Miroljuba Gendova Bulgarian artist, who lives and works in Hungary also takes the heritage of two schools in her work. Gyula Sági – Hungarian went to berlin as many before him, to be in an environment, which takes him to new horizons. Olga Drak is a polish, who lives in Madeira and meets tourists daily from all over the world. Caroline Navarro has been born in Malta, but her life took her around – still she keeps a strong connection to her routes. We generally look for this mixed flavour of creative minds, as they show us borders are an administrative burthen, not a human need. We also want to keep it human and will limit our artist framework to a maximum of 500 creators over the years. Feel free to apply.