The mission of “HINSA.ART” Foundation is to encourage and help visual artists and enable them to create. Even in difficult times. We do that by providing tools and the platform to show and promote their artwork and assisting along the way. The foundation also maintains a space to advertise artists, bring them closer to the public and allow people to support their projects.

Creative industries are the engine of employment, improve the quality of life, accelerate economic development and are essential for the effective functioning of other social sectors. Creativity promotes the basic cultural values of society. It enhances cultural identity, promotes cultural diversity and has important educational and informational functions, contributing to disseminating knowledge.

HINSA.ART is a creative charity program for supporting visual artists. We know that to grow a talent takes a long time, everyday efforts, resources and special sensitivity. Talent is also like a plant. With no “water”, it dies. To grow and flourish, talents need to be “watered” with recognition, inspiration, and guidance to share their artwork.

Our main goal is to cultivate a love of the visual arts and support, promote, and develop creative talents. We care deeply about the well-being of artists and ensuring their practice can continue, despite outside circumstances. They have to continue creating and to survive as artists. Our platform showcases their artwork whilst enabling art lovers to enjoy beautiful and affordable art inspired products all year round.

The concept of HINSA.ART is to be:

  • A place for art talks and communication about visual artists and their works.
  • Community space for artists to collaborate.
  • Educational and support centre for artists and the public.
  • Charity shop of art based merchandise to generate financial support for the creators.
  • An easily accessible source for art lovers where they can find actual information about art, projects and artists.
  • Financial support platform for new projects.

“HINSA.ART” Foundation with ID № 206396665 is a non-profit public benefit organization, registered in the European Union, with mission-based activities that support the work and wellbeing of visual artists and the civil society.

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