Attila Glázer is a Hungarian Photographer and Multi-Artist with many awards, who joined HINSA. early on. Learn about him from this video and from the section about our artists. If you want to see many of his works, visit his website. Attila is also a key contributor to the art community of HINSA. His work on the concept and the key elements of the artistic collaboration is helping us to bring the art world closer to the public. Attila has strong messages to bring across as a photographer, poet, and multi-artist. He has made experience in many areas. Topics from poetry to landscape design help him to express himself. Thus he became a truly creative mind. He was once a gallery owner. So he understands well how difficult it is to bring the artist to the public. He has published several books with Haiku poetry, and he will try to bring for us many art forms under one roof.
Attila Glazer in Action
Attila Glazer – Hungarian Photographer and Multi Artist during work in nature