Visit the YouTube channel! Meet the artists online, if you cannot meet them in person today. Follow us to learn what drives our creators. 1 minute is enough for a creative credo statement and getting the first impression. Maybe enough for a start of a beautiful relationship? Check it out and let us know! We want to give you a strong first impression and a feeling about the author. So over time you can go over time deeper and start understanding also the art.

We have at the moment 17 authors on board. Today you can meet four of our artists online.

We will add more over time, but we will choose only 50 artists per year only. As we want this to be about quality over quantity. Getting closer to art means getting closer to the artist. Even if it means only an online meeting it is better than nothing. Today though they may be all around Europe, they can be as close as never before. Open up and let them in, and so a new world will appear. There is a message to be said, but you cannot understand this message if you do not know the messenger. So visit our YouTube Channel to see the story of creation.

Check also the Artist Section for more information and links:
HINSA.Presents Júlia Végh