Charity Shopping – Limited Edition Gifts to Help Support Artists

The HINSA. Charity shop is our main artists’ support feature – see why and how we work

The mission of “HINSA.ART” Foundation is to encourage and help visual artists and enable them to create by enabling a second income for them with no time spent on that from their side. This is so important in these difficult times. We providing tools and the platform to showcase and promote their artwork and assisting along the way. The foundation also maintains a space to advertise artists, bring them closer to the public and allow people to support their projects.

HINSA.ART is a creative charity that seeks to inspire and nurture the success of artists. We create bespoke limited edition products featuring the work of hand-selected artists.  We share their talents by bringing their artworks into your daily life. With the sales, we provide financial support so they can spend more time creating! For our patrons, it means you support artists’ livelihood and enjoy beautiful art for a fraction of the price!

We care deeply about the well-being of artists and ensuring their practice can continue, despite outside circumstances. The HINSA.ART platform strives to help artists generate persistent income from their artwork whilst enabling art lovers to enjoy beautiful and affordable art-inspired products all year round not only on the wall.

Selling these unique products provides us with the necessary resources and helps fulfill the organization’s mission. It’s an easy way to donate to charity while enjoying creative art.

Why are we different than other similar creative platforms?

  1. All these products use an existing art piece/picture, so non of the artwork is originally designed for the product. You can buy the picture by contacting the artist or the gallery representing them. To do so go to the artist and follow the links on their name. We do not sell the original artwork.
  2. The products are available in a limited edition only – each item will be sold in a maximum of 250 pcs over 2 years.
  3. 20% of each net sale is donated to the foundation.
  4. Further 20% is paid to the artist for the license fee of using their artwork.
  5. The rest of the income covers the cost of creating content, designing the products, and adding value to our creative community. For this work, we also hire artists and so allow them to have alternative incomes.

Help us driving our mission, check out our offers! Buy to help the art world

I love visual arts, but I felt, buying a picture once in a while is not a real help for the artists. I kept developing the idea, discussing it with artists and friends until the lockdown inspired me to start this support concept. Please help us create a win-win-win solution helping talents in hard times.

Anna Najdenova

Become Maecenas and support the creative world. More than charity: buy mood and creativity thanks to the rich blend of artistic merchandising. Invite the art into your everyday life. Limited editions from selected artists. Help the artist to create.

Imagine…Ethics is Esthetics

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“HINSA.ART” Foundation with ID № 206396665 is a non-profit public benefit organization, registered in the European Union, with mission-based activities that support the work and wellbeing of visual artists and the civil society. Our charity e-commerce activity is completely in accordance with the non-profit public benefit one and has several main goals: support, development and financial sustainability for both artists and the foundation.