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What is Art?

By Lili Kriston, HINSA Art Ambassador A question so short, yet the answers are many. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica,  “Art, also called (to distinguish…

The Two Value Aspects of Artworks

Recently in a Facebook group of hobby amateur painters, someone posted a maybe average looking picture of a relatively well-known Hungarian painter of the…
Colour wheel

How Much Do We Spend on Art?

by Adrienn Földi To buy or not to buy? We have learned from the archaeologists and the historians how old the Art was. Paying…

Crypto Art is the New Hype

What is Crypto Art? Crypto Art by Maria Garcia Venezuela Wikipedia defines Crypto art (also stylized as CryptoArt or Crypto art) as a category of art related…
Crypto Art by Maria Garcia Venezuale

Branding in Visual Arts

by Anna Najdenova HINSA. Brand Key I have spent 25 years in marketing building brands. A big part of that is translating the brand…
HINSA. brand

Do We Really Need Some Art?

Art impact on the brain Art is the expression of the imagination. It provides a range of forms, symbols, and ideas with meanings that…


Interjú Sági Gyulával Gyula Sági, Hungarian Artists Hányszor hallottad: „Mikor visszatérünk a régi kerékvágásba” Nem, nem fogunk visszatérni, új eszközök, új gondolatok kellenek, melyek…