Joaquim Marques / PT

Evoking a dreamlike imaginary that sometimes refers to an oriental aesthetic, Joaquim’s watercolors invite contemplation. He likes to work on large-format papers lying on the floor, using a mop and duster to put water and paint. As he walks on top of the still-wet paper, he can observe and feel the image appearing beneath his feet on the paper. Time and space are diluted.

Joaquim is interested in the unpredictability and randomness of water as a generator of fictional memories of watercolor landscapes. Over time, memories tend to fade.

When the clarity of memories is hopelessly lost in this moment of transformation, they acquire a new quality. The water’s volatility turns faint stains into nature’s poetic images and allows leaving white spaces on the paper as if it were memory gaps. To paraphrase the writer Guimarães Rosa, watercolour is to work memory in its solid, liquid and gaseous state.

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