Jo Seixas / PT

Jo Seixas Silva was born in 1982 in Porto, and at an early age, she realizes Art would become part of her life. She grew up in a humble family and among twelve aunts, living within a Catholic religious cycle common in the north of the country. In this environment, she is clearly aware that, as a human being, one of her greatest struggles would be women’s emancipation. And that has become the main focus of her artistic present.

Jo studied at the University of Coimbra, stayed there for 10 years, and even opened up her own art gallery. At the age of 30, her permanent need for learning made her go back to university. At the time of greatest reference, she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, where she realized the path she wanted to follow.

For her feminist artwork, she uses unusual tools like kitchen spatulas and various utensils commonly used in cuisine. Her style and technique rely on emotions and follow her line of values. She uses colors that bring mad flavors and have become synonymous in her artwork for freedom and independence.

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