Gyula Sági / HU

Gyula Sági is a young Hungarian artist who studied visual arts and graduated from the University of Western Hungary in 2010. Today, he lives and works in Berlin and participates in solo and group exhibits at home in Hungary and abroad.

His abstract works are inspired by the repetitive structural system of nature: resonances, waves and energy, and concerned with the physical dimension of time and the visual mapping of the passage of time along with a given algorithm. Gyula’s methods include traditional techniques and form experiments created in series. He mixes graphic and painting procedures, connecting geometric abstraction and gesture painting. He concentrates on the reduction and pure forms, inspired by the repetitive patterns of technology, digital mapping, graphs and nature.

In the Analog Noise and Parallel Line Drawings series, launched in 2016, the artist was interested in the patterns of “errors” that occur during the mapping of the passage of time and the repetition of repetitive signals. From 2016, in the series Geometric Gestures, repetitive shapes of lines and geometric structures are broken by colourful abstract surfaces.

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