András Ernszt / HU

András Ernszt is a contemporary artist born in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. Today he lives and works in Pécs. He builds an academic career as a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts at the Art University. His master’s degree is in Visual Education and Painting from the University of Pécs and the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich. His tutors were László Valkó and Ilona Keserü.

András has been awarded numerous honors and awards. At the same time, his works are frequently exhibited in a large number of solo shows and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His works were exhibited in Pécs, Budapest, Brussels, and Stuttgart.

András Ernszt’s paintings are distinguished by the playful use of colours and the light effects resulting from the multiple layers and intensive combination of dynamic structures, strengthening the illusory tone in the act of copying and magnifying nature. Their plasticity connects the new works to his earlier ones, while the shapes’ arrangement’s randomness determines a new direction.

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