Art Ambassadors

We are looking for volunteers to become Art Ambassadors

The mission of “HINSA.ART” Foundation is to encourage and help visual artists and enable them to create. Even in difficult times. We do that by providing tools and the platform to show and promote their artwork and assisting along the way. The foundation also maintains a space to advertise artists, bring them closer to the public and allow people to support their projects.

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    If you are an artist, curator, or simply an art fan, who is knowing the local scene well, and you would like to help artists find their way around in your country, please apply. Together we will seek to inspire and nurture the success of artists.

    Some of our Ambassadors

    Lili Kriston

    from Hungary is a freshly graduated Event Manager from Metropolitan University, pursuing a Masters’s Degree in Art Management. As a future Curator and Protocol  Expert, she takes pride in supporting movements that make a difference, passionately believing that art can build bridges everywhere.


    “HINSA.ART” Foundation with ID № 206396665 is a non-profit public benefit organization, registered in the European Union, with mission-based activities that support the work and wellbeing of visual artists and the civil society.

    Lívia Takács

    Lívia Takács, as a student of English and Art History, started her internship at the LATARKA Gallery supported by the Polish Institute in Budapest in 2017. Driven by an enthusiasm for fine arts, film, and music, Lívia traveled a lot in order to explore the different local art scenes around Europe, focusing on the differences between the city and the countryside. Her knowledge of art history, linguistics, literature, and also her previous professional qualifications in graphic arts and printmaking, where the exam included business management as well as linoleum engraving and painting techniques or vector and raster graphics, can be applied by increasing the cultural significance of the galleries of the Polish Institute. Lívia’s interest usually extends beyond her narrowly defined tasks, she is open to new knowledge, international and current trends in domestic and foreign contemporary art, she started to conduct personal interviews at the Budapest Art Factory with resident artists visiting Hungary from all around the world. Her writings have focused on comparing current art trends worldwide and she specifically concentrated on the artists’ personalities, in order to represent their exemplary lifestyle and the essential importance of their work to the audience and to make the relationship between artist and spectator more direct. In 2020 October, retaining the ars poetica of the LATARKA Gallery, Lívia created a new, independent art group and hosted their first exhibition called Moon Garden, which is going to have multiple stations. The importance of diversity, a sense of boundaries among the different mediums of art, and the dialogue among domestic and international art scenes are going to be the goal and the main idea of the next exhibition of Moon Garden.